General Facts About Uganda

Form of State Republic
Capital City Kampala
President H.E. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni
Land Area 197,097 Sq. Km
Water and Swamps 43,942 Sq. Km
Total Area 241,039 Sq. Km
Roman Catholic 33%
Protestant 33%
Muslim 16%
Indigenous Beliefs 18%
Official languages English
Other languages: Swahili, Luganda
Currency Uganda Shilling
Time GMT+ 3
Land Use
Arable Land 25%
Permanent Crops 9%
Permanent Pastures 9%
Forests and Woodland 28%
Other 29%
Legal System Based on English law and the new Constitution enacted in October 1995.
National Legislature

319 Elected members (by Adult Suffrage 284 & electoral colleges 35) and 10 Ex-officio

Last Elections Presidential, Parliamentary, Local Government February/March 2006