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Invitation to Bid for Consultancy Services for Assessment of Renovation Works, Preparation of Designs and Supervision of the Renovation Works for the Official Residence

Thursday, 15th November 2018

Bidding will beconducted in accordance withthe method of short listing of Consultants without publication of an expressionof interest contained in the Government of Uganda’s Public Procurement andDisposal of Public Assets Act, 2003, the PPDA (Procurement of ConsultancyServices) Regulations, 2014 and the procedures described in Part 1: ProposalProcedures. This document can be viewedor accessed from the PPDA website:

4.   You may obtain further information and inspect theproposal documents at the address given below at 7(a) from 9:00am to 4:00pm.

5.   Proposals must be deliveredto the address below at 7(a) at or before 7thDecember 2018 at 11:00am.All proposals must be accompanied by a proposal securing declaration which mustbe valid until 30th April, 2019. Late proposals shall be rejected.Proposals will be opened in the presence of the consultants’ representativeswho choose to attend at the address below at 7(d) at 7th December 2018 at 11:30am.

6.  There shall be a pre – proposalmeeting (followed by a site visit) at Uganda High Commission Offices on thedates indicated in the proposed schedule in this notice.

7.  (a)  Documentsmay be inspected at:

Uganda HighCommission, Ottawa, 350 Sparks Street, Suite 1210, Ottawa;

Telephone  (613) 789-7797     Email:

      (b)  Documents will beissued from:         same address above

      (c) Proposals must bedelivered to:          same address above

(d)             Addressof Proposal Opening:            same address above

8. The planned procurement schedule (subjectto changes) is as follows:



a.      Publish bid notice

15th November 2018

b.      Pre-bid meeting and site viewing

3rd December 2018 at 10:00am at the High Commission of the Republic of Uganda, 350 Sparks Street – Suite 1210 Ottawa, Ontario, K1R 7S8

c.      Bid closing date

7th December 2018

d.     Evaluation process

(Within 40 working days from bid closing date)

e.      Display and communication of best evaluated bidder notice

(Within 5 working days from Contracts Committee award)

f.       Contract signature

(After expiry of at least 10 working days from display of the best evaluated bidder notice and Attorney General’s approval).