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Thursday, 23rd July 2020
Greetings from Uganda High Commission Ottawa,

If you did not make it onto the Repatriation flights on 17th and 18th July 2020, but you are still interested and still wish to receive notices concerning repatriation, you will have to register with us afresh and this message is for you:

The Uganda High Commission, Ottawa is seeking to register and verify stranded Ugandan nationals and non-Ugandan resident/dependent permit holders who are currently in its area of accreditation (United States of America, Central and South America, as well as the Caribbean with the exception of Cuba), and because of the closure of the Entebbe International Airport due to COVID-19 pandemic, are not able to return home. Such individuals may include students or Research Fellows who have completed their studies or programs and short-term visitors / non-immigrant visa holders and US or other citizens with Ugandan resident/work permits of all categories whose travel plans were disrupted by border closures.

If you meet the above criteria, please fill out the form below and register with us for further updates on the same.

 A departure date possibly in August or September 2020 will be announced and communicated to you upon receiving confirmation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kampala. Flight viability is dependent upon our raising a minimum of 100 passengers.

NB: Pricing, availability and cancellations will be controlled by the Airline