Visa Application

Uganda Visa Information

We are no longer accepting mailed or drop off paper applications at the Ottawa Mission.

All Applications for all Uganda Visas must be submitted online at

For E-Visa Support Questions please email

Any consular information regarding visas, passport applications or travel to Uganda that is not directly from the Ugandan Embassy or Immigration Directorate in Uganda should be regarded as FALSE.

Working In Uganda

Visa applications for persons intending to take up employment in Uganda under Entry Permit Class G (Employees, Missionaries, Volunteers and NGO workers) shall only be processed after their applications for the Entry/Work Permit has been granted. Visa applicants are therefore advised to request their employing organizations/companies in Uganda to submit their applications for Work Permits to the Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration Control Headquarters in Kampala for approval first.

Visa Extension

Any person intending to stay longer shall seek the extension of his/her visa at Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration Control Headquarters in Kampala or the nearest regional office.

Please note that telephone queries must be made by the applicant only

*Visitors from or passing through a yellow fever and cholera zone (most of tropical Africa and South America) must be able to produce a valid International Certificate of Vaccination. Air travelers who only pass through the airports of such a zone are exempt from the requirement. Also be advised that all travelers must be vaccinated against Typhoid and Hepatitis.

Visa Exemptions

Conventional holders of valid Travel Documents/Certificates  who are nationals of visa exempt countries do not require visas for travel to Uganda. Click the following link to see an updated list of visa exempt nationalities

More information on visa applications and visa categories can be accessed on This website provides comprehensive details on all immigration services provided by the Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration Control, under the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Uganda.

If you have read and agreed to the above requirements

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