Emergency Certificate

An Emergency Travel Document (ETD) is issued to Ugandans who have lost their passports but urgently need to travel to Uganda. It is a one-way travel document, used for travel through the most direct route to Uganda, it expires upon arrival, and should be surrendered to the Immigration officer at Entebbe Airport or any other port of entry. Applicants for ETD must prove beyond any reasonable doubt that they are Ugandan citizens. 


  1. Completed Form 'A'(Application for Uganda Travel Document)
  2. Completed Consular Registration Form.
  3. Three (3) passport size photographs.
  4. In case of lost passport:
    1. Police Report
    2. Sworn Affidavit/Statutory Declaration before a Commissioner of Oaths or Notary Public pertaining to citizenship and the facts surrounding loss of the passport.

  5. Applicants may be requested to provide additional supporting documentation, in addition to the above.
  6. Self addressed pre paid envelope
  7. Copy of travel itinerary
  8. 60 USD Money order payable to Uganda High Commission
  9. Cover Letter explaining loss of passport and reason for ETD application
  10. A Police report.

Processing times vary from case to case.

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