Dual Citizenship is a type of Citizenship which allows one to hold two nationalities.

Checklist for Dual Citizenship Applicants (indigenous Ugandan)

Please follow the steps below to make the online application for Dual Citizenship
  • Log onto www.visas.immigration.go.ug
  • Accept the terms and conditions displayed in the disclaimer
  • Select citizenship as the type of application
  • Choose from the categories displayed
  • After completion of the online application, the applicant will be required to upload a duly completed dual citizenship application form AA signed and notarized.
  • Recommendation letter and National identity card of the recommender (Ugandan by birth of substantial standing)
  • Proof of being former Ugandan (Copy of Ugandan passport/parents' passport/National ID) and page 45 of the old Ugandan passport/file number)
  • Copy of Birth certificate for applicants born outside Uganda.
  • Current Bio Data Page
  • Recent passport size photograph
  • Notarized oath of allegiance (Download and re-attach duly signed form)
  • Proof that the other Country allows Dual Citizenship
  • Proof of profession/occupation (Attach academic documents/employment ID)
  • Cover letter from applicant (Addressed to Secretary National Citizenship and Immigration Board)